Visit to Greenway Night Market [Travel Vlog 83] 参观绿道夜市

Greenway Night Market

Greenway Night market is one of the best life-style market in HatYai with Vibrant, tented marketplace featuring varieties of interesting products including women men and children wears, accessories, handicraft, cosmetic, antique and etcs. It’s great deals for clothes, costume jewellery, cap, art pieces and other bargains. Here are some of the items that we had found while shopping around Greenway Night Market.

We saw female clothings,lots of fashionable clothing, Batik shirts, Kids sleep ware, Hair services, Fashionable Accessories such as Earrings, Sunglasses, Hats, females and males shoes, belts and wallets, bags bagels and perfume too. They event had phone accessories inside the market.

Its Greenway Food Station is the latest and largest food venue in town with selections of foods over 1,000 menu ranging from local popular food to international dishes such as Thai sticky rice, lok Lok, hainanese chicken rice, mango sticky rice, grilled pork, Thai iced tea, Japanese ramen and many more

It’s a good place for hunting for a wide array of tasteful local street foods for those who should likes to had your dinner there. This market is usually crowded by locals and you get everything there at an reasonable price.

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