Macro Hatyai Cash an Carry Supermarket [Travel Vlog 82]Macro Hatyai 现购自运超市

Macro Hatyai

Makro is a Dutch international brand of warehouse clubs, also called cash and carry stores. Similar with Tesco / Lotus or BigC in Thailand but it personally think its better that our Tesco / Lotus in Malaysia. In Thailand it was being run by Siam Makro Public Company Limited with more than 100 Makro stores nationwide. On of it were located in Hatyai Songkhla district. Makro sells food and non-food products, usually located in different sections of the store

The food section always includes a fresh fish section, a wine section, fresh meat and butchery department, and refrigerated aisles. The non-food area includes clothing, DIY, office supplies, electrical, computing, and seasonal such as garden furniture. Basically anything you’ll find in a good supermarket around the world. Since Macro in Malaysia had closed down, we decided to go over to Macro Hatyai to check out stuff that we could buy.

When we are there, we saw Macro had offered many items as a tourist would love to buy such as Kids stationaries, Toys, Home Electrical Appliances, Households items such as sanitay towel, detergents, Household foods… my favourite Seaweed and Pocky is here too. Their snacks were being staged like in IKEA or warehouse. Among the snacks that is available there were: Grilled squid… one of the favourite snacks that most of Malaysian would buy when ever in Thailand. It comes with different flavours as well and Varieties of biscuits

The even have a large section of frozen foods too. Some of the frozen foods that you could get in Macro were Frozen Seafoods like clamps, fish, fishballs and prawns and Frozen Meats and even sausages. If you prefer fresh meat, there were a section Macro that offers varieties of fresh meats and fishes too. We also found an egg section and a section that offers varieties of can foods and instant noodles too. If you are buying in bulk, they also have a section where you could buy instant noodles in boxes.

In this Macro, they even have a bakery section where the freshly bakery was being made. You will find Varieties of donuts, breads, cakes and many more

If you would like to know more about the Macro that we had visited, check out my video below

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