Which Samsung TV Personality Are You?

Samsung TV Personality

Home is a place where you can freely be yourself in your own comfort zone. Your home often is a reflection of your personality, and the way it is decorated and furnished can say a lot about you than you might realize. Today’s TVs are more creative, immersive, interactive, and tailored to your lifestyle than ever before. Let’s jump right in to see what TV character best represents your personality.

The ideal companion exists for every hobby, side hustle, or guilty pleasure. If you have an aesthete personality, The Frame would be ideal for you who enjoys spending time in galleries and museums delving into works of art. With the Frame, you can enjoy aesthetic arts at any time in your own comfortable home space, and you can bring any original art collection into your home. Simply subscribe to the Samsung Art Store, which has over 1,400 world-class art pieces. With everything in a 4K QLED Frame, a TV when it’s on and art when it’s off, you get two uses in one: a TV and a perfectly placed art gallery that’s the perfect fit for your artistic home interior.

Samsung TV Personality

The Sero, this a fun one! If you’re the type who gets excited by the prospect of trying something new such as watching content in a fresh and entertaining way, then the Sero is for you! This unique lifestyle TV allows you to watch a vertically filmed content and enjoy mobile entertainment on a bigger screen. Having the Sero would be a well-loved entertainment at occasion especially for parties, playing video games on such big and rotatable screen. It’s time to flex and show what your TV can do! Seeing or doing something truly unique, unlike anything else, has to be exciting, right? Like life, which is constantly full of new adventures and the Sero is here to be part to elevate your life journey!

Which of the following lifestyles TVs says the most about you? Now is the time to visit our store and enjoy the fun on a larger screen!

For more info about Samsung Lifestyle TVs please visit: https://www.samsung.com/my/lifestyle-tvs/all-lifestyle-tvs/

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