Travelling with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Video Test

As a photography enthusiast, we do love to get beautiful photographs whenever we travel to different places. Some says pictures paints a thousand words, we do believe so. Same goes to beautiful videos too.

Every time when we were traveling our cameras and tools had been occupying at least 60% of our travel luggage. With our DSLR camera, lenses and Accessories too. These refrain us from also enjoying our holidays with heavy bags and also the worry of it getting stolen.

This year, we had made a vow to reduce our photography tools to bring along with us then travel. During our recent trip to London, we had relied on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, compact Sony ZV-1 and a GoPro Hero 8 as our travel companion.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Video Test

At first we were heavily relying on the GoPro for videos and Sony ZV-1 for photography and occasionally the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra as we were still in doubt in its performance. But we’re surprised with our findings as below:

1. Great Photo Composition and Video Stabilization

After a few days of traveling, we reviewed the pictures and videos we had taken with all these cameras and we are impressed with the color composition that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has produced. Thanks to its Super HDR features for the photos and the 2X Stabilization features which had produces a better videos in total (which we personally thinks it even matches the GoPro stabilization quality). Check out the sample video below and you will know what we mean:

2. Amazing night photography

Samsung had been highly promoting its Nightography for its Galaxy S23 Ultra since its launch. Many had different opinion on its nightography camera and after we had travel with it, we thinks that when shooting at night, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra wins it all. Even though it takes a few seconds to take a photo (most probably capturing many photos and merge it into one to get a better result – as long as the subject in the photos doesn’t move), it turns our from a dark environment into a bright one. Check out how a low light area on the boat could turn into an amazing night photo below.

Actual Location View
Photo With Nightography Feature

With the help of a SPen as the camera shutter button, you could also travel alone while taking amazing photos like this too. The best is to have a tripod too with you.

3. Convenient

Taking more gadgets with you while traveling with you will sometimes tend to be more hassle, by the time we take out our camera the moment might be gone. So when traveling it was the best o get back to basic. With the phone that you have in your pocket and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra would be one to be best phone in the market to travel with. All you need to hold the phone in you hand and you will be ready for any shots that might comes to you.

These were our personal thoughts on why the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra would be the best phone camera to travel with and it will definitely be the phone that we will use for all our future travels.

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