Walk in Petaling Street After Reopening [Travel Vlog 73] 重新开放后走在茨厂街

Petaling Street

While I was staying in Aces Hotels, I have take the chance to pay another visit to Petaling Street again. Since Malaysia have been fully opened and the Covid19 restriction have been eased, I would like to check out how the Petaling Street looks like this time.

I was hopping that Petaling Street could revived again closed to before pandemic, but I realised that the stores and crowd we still not up to the previous era. But there were many stalls had opened compare to my last visit. Visitors were not much at that time of my visit but I do home more visitors would be coming over to visit soon.

I also had pay a visit to the nearby Instagrammable location; Kwai Chai Hong or what in Malay called Japan Pangung. This is one of the most photography place nearby to Petaling Street. Besides that we also had a walk in Jalan Alor. A food heaven street with lots of delicious foods to try out. We was thinking to try out one of the restaurants but then we realised that the waiting time we too long and we were hungry.

Hence we have decided to go back to Petaling Street to explore what they had in around the area. But the food that we had tried out were not fantastic at all.

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