Dining in Local SiChuan Restaurant in London : Huge Portion [Food Vlog 27] 在伦敦当地的四川餐厅用餐:很大一部分

SiCHuan Mala in London

To end our day after a long walk to Harry Porter’s Platform 3/4 and Camden Market, we had head to one of the Chinese Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant nearby to Chinatown but not in Chinatown.

We per my brother’s recommendation, we had just ordered 2 dishes for our dinner as the portion was huge. While being a first timer in the restaurant, I was amazed by how huge the Spicy Mala Sliced Fish or “Sui Chui Yi” is. But actually this is the right portion that they served in Sichuan China.

Chinese in Si Chuan was well know with its generous foods portion. They believes that they have to feed their guest as full as they can. If the portion is not big enough, it might not be able to satisfy their guest’s appetite. Hence they normally would prepared a huge portion of dishes whenever they serve their foods. We had also ordered another mead dish; Fried Sliced Pork to go with out meal too.

After tasting the Spicy Mala in this restaurant, I feels that it taste even better than the one that we had when we first arrive in London. This was definitely one of the most delicious Spicy Mala Slice Fish that I have ever tasted in London before.

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