Trip to Hong Kong Must Visit: Shanghai 618 – A brand-new revitalised mall in the heart of Mong Kok

Shanghai 618 is a revitalised mall in the heart of Mong Kok. The site, which comprises 14 protected historical buildings, was once a strip of waterfront shophouses or tong lau (唐樓) selling sweetened fruit tobacco, electrical appliances, medicinal tea, and leather goods.

Photo credit: @xplorer_chan
Photo credit: @xplorer_chan

A century later, it has been restored with modern additions and today you will find retro photo ops, murals paying homage to the street’s history, and independent local businesses selling and making all manner of goods.

The shophouses’ interesting façade and interior features will give you a glimpse of what the pre-WWII balcony shophouse looks like. This underrated gem houses some of the 20th-century shop occupants and the new, modern boutique shops and a handful of eateries.

Euxyn against one of the insta-worthy murals at Shanghai 618.

When she was asked what about Shanghai 618 that is special to her, Euxyn responded, “I was in the creative field that brought me to cherish HK heritage, arts, and culture.

Credit: @bucket_hk (via Instagram)
Credit: @bucket_hk (via Instagram)

During one minibus ride, I came across Shanghai 618, which immediately caught my eye. I decided to alight and explore this tenement building. It’s another makeover that presents the past and present in a contrast”.

Handwritten art on the exterior pillar has faded over the years. However, the interior is trendy and hippy, and every corner has different HK-themed vibrant mural painting arts that come with a short historical description.

From Euxyn’s previous visit, she also noted that every piece of art is insta-worthy, especially the old Shanghai Street which used to be adorned with so many outdoor signs. There are a few hidden gem stores that promote endangered craftsmanship. The Re. Store is one of them and they are known for their beautiful HK-inspired souvenirs.

Location: 618 Shanghai St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

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