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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE : 3 Features That You Should Know

Samsung Tab S7 FE owns a design that has not changed too much compared to its two predecessors, Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+. The device is still equipped with a fairly large screen, quality panels with high resolution to ensure the display as well as extremely vivid images.

In terms of performance, the device is still quite powerful and impressive. Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Tab S7 FE with an extremely powerful chip. Although not as powerful as the Tab S7 series, the device is still guaranteed to be able to meet tasks from basic to advanced to help users have a smooth experience.

After more than a month of working with it full time, we have discovered some great tips on some features that we find useful for everyone. In this article, we will be sharing the top 5 feature tips that we have found on the Galaxy S7 FE.


The Galaxy Tab S7 FE features a multitasking tool called Multi Window. It allows us to view two apps side-by-side on its screen. This view is opposed to how apps normally run, which is full-screen. The image below shows two apps running side-by-side with Multi-Window active.

To use either app, tap in its window. You can scroll through each app independently. Long-press the separator between the apps to adjust its position. Tap the center of the separator to see the pop-up.

Snooze with Do Not Disturb Mode

This feature comes in handy for those who love to fall asleep with the Galaxy Tav S7 FE with reading an eBook, watching movies, having zoom meetings, or even playing games. When we were doing such activities, we do not want it to bother us with notification sounds and alerts. Especially these notifications will fly in at any time without us know it.

To Activate the DND Mode open the Settings app > Sound > Select Do Not Disturb > Turn ON As Scheduled > Slide the master control to the ON Position.

Activate the Eye Comfort Shield

The light coming from the Tab’s screen can be harish. In fact, the blue part of the screen’s spectrum could keep you up at night or otherwise disrupt your sleep cycle. To help to avoid this condition, we can activate the screen’s Eye Comfort Shield.

To activate the Eye Comfort Shield, open the Settings app > Display > Turn ON Eye Comfort Shield > Set Schedule & Colour Temperature

After the Eye Comfort Shield is activated, you will notice the Tab’s color temperature fade from blue to golden hue as the sun goes down. This change helps us to adapt to sleep better when we use the Tab during the evening hours. You can also instantly activate the Eye Comfort Shield by choosing the Eye Comfort Shield icon from the Quick Actions shade.

We found these features were very useful to us especially we have been working in front of at least a screen every day for a long period of time.

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