Setting Up My New Working Chair [Review Vlog 45] 設置我的新工作椅

I have been working from home since the Pandemic. It also means that I were sitting on my home chair for more than 16 months daily already. I realised that recently my neck and back pain has become more prominent.

I realised that my posture is changing. There were a slighly hump on my back and my neck pain has cause me to have lesser qualit sleep at night. Later, I realised that it was because of my working chair. The chair that I had always been sitting on is not suitable for working. It’s a dining chair where it we was suppose to sit on it for lesser than 1 hour at a time.

I then realised that working with a good egornomic chair were very important. For my working productivity and health. I have research for a few potential good chairs online and I have come to this chair where I had brought it on Shopee. At first I like to get a gaming chair as I think it was cool.

Later, I realised that most of the gaming chairs were made of some sort of leathers. Which also means it will become hot after sitting on it for a period of time especially with Malaysian weather. Hence I have search for other alternative working chair and I have found a chair which i think had a good review and I like the design.

After reading about the reviews, I have decided to give this chair a go. I have ordered it and it has now arrived! In this video, I would like to share with you my unboxing, setup and my first impression about this chair here.

If you would like to know more about this chair and its price, you may check out at:

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