Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Review | 小米米 11 Lite 評測

It’s mid year again. This is also the time for most of the phone brands coming our with its new series of phone. This season, the phones that the market is launching targetted to the mid range phones.

I have manage to get a hold onto one of Xiaomi’s new Mi 11 Lite and tested it out for about a month. My first impression of the Mi 11 Lite feels great in hand and we have to thank its lightweight design. The compact size also means that using the phone with one hand was relatively easy.

For past many years, Xiaomi smartphones are known for offering excellent value for money and packing impressive specs over everything else. With the Mi 11 Lite, the company is taking a different approach as it wants to sell a phone that caters to an audience that values the design and in-hand feel over specs and performance. For this Mi 11 series, Xiaomi has cleaned up its software offering to deliver a good user experience.

So is it the right phone for you?

Check out the phone’s specifications and also my review on my video below to know more

If you would like to check out the Mi 11 Lite, you could visit Xiaomi Malaysia’s website at https://www.mi.com/my/ or purchase is at Xiaomi Offical Shopee Store.

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