Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Full Review

The demand for tablets has been on the rise ever since the pandemic hit. This is when work and study from home became a necessity. We have heard many of our friends and families; especially those who have kids had brought a tablet for their work and even kids (for their PDPR – Online Learning).

However, there were not many budget-friendly Tablets out there. If there were some, then those did not have good performance after checking it out by our team. Recently, Samsung had introduced Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which drops in the budget segment. We spent some time with the neat tablet that is made for beginners, light travelers or people who want a large screen for their day to day Zoom calls.

After 2 weeks of trying the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite out, we have come out with a more in-depth review of the tablet and its performance in this article. Below are some of the highlights that we think might be useful for you to take note of when considering buying the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite.

The Design and Display

In our opinion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a very well-built tablet. The Galaxy A7 Lite is remarkably sleek for its low price and one peculiar aspect of the product is portability. It is a smaller and ‘cuter’ version of its older sibling and if you are looking for a gadget that can play with the likes of apple (an ambitious point) and other Samsung galaxy products, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is your best choice.

The fact that this is the lite version means it’s quite handible, and you can hold it in one hand, and it is even supported by a gesture-based menu that helps you navigate your Tablet easily with one hand. That’s really convenient and easy on one hand. You’ll get all the ingredients including a beautiful display and metal back with fingerprints proofs matte finishing for a premium feel.

The right side has the volume rocker and power buttons along with the secondary microphone. On the left side, it holds the 4G SIM tray, which can also accommodate a microSD card of up to 1 TB. At the bottom, the company has placed a loudspeaker grille, 3.5mm audio ports, USB Type-C charging port as well as the primary microphone on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. The top has a second speaker grille, which makes it a stereo speaker setup on this device. On the back, the rear of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has a single camera and sames goes to the front (selfie) as well.


The display is one of the best features the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has. The 8.7-inch TFT display has HD+ resolution and 16M colour depth which also includes a high video playing resolution with a full high definition of (1920 x 1080) @30 fps.

The Camera

We know that many of us will pay more attention to any devices camera’s performance. With 8MP f2.0 Back Camera and 2MP f2.2 Front Selfie Camera, the tablet could produce quite decent visuals for our daily basic use such as Zoom meeting and etc. We had tried out the 8MP back camera and found that it allows auto-focus and the pictures are quite clear unless you zoom beyond 3x (max 10x allowed) while the front-facing 2MP camera is just about enough.

The Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite comes with a 1.8 Gigahertz (GHz) Octa-core MediaTek Helio P22T (MT8768T) processor, which more than complements its 4GB of RAM. The CPU type for all product types is Octa-Core. The device also supports high and low bandwidth as it supports 2G GSM , 3G UTMS, 4G FDD LTE and 4G TDD Networks. The device also has the wi-fi version and the version that allows you to use a SIM depending on your preferences.

We have tried to run the Youtube and realized that the sound was loud and great thanks to the dual speakers that we have on the top and bottom. The display brightness is nice, and the it does not get washed out under direct sunlight.

Transfer files between the tables and our laptops might be a concern for some who are considering to use a tablet. We has used our USB-C OTG Adapter Card Reader to transfer some files to and from the device and it seems working quite well.


This was something that we are looking at for our photos editing as editing in our laptop has been quite tiring. With this tablet, we could edit our photos even when we are watching TV.

Simple Gesture. It’s simple gesture of one hand use enables us to easily navigate your tablet with one hand. A gesture-based menu allows you to do things like go Back, see your Recent apps, and return to the Home menu all with a swipe of your thumb and many more. This was very useful especially for tablet device.

Multi Split Screen. When we used the tablet for Zoom meeting we definitely would also like to jot down some notes at the same time. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite also had the multi split screen feature which enables us to open 2 application at one time side by side. We found this feature very useful for our Zoom meetings and it’s also very useful for kids online learning too. Kids could attend their online classes and at the same time enables them to jot their learning notes on Samsung Notes too.


Samsung Kids. Speaking about the device for kids, many parents would be worried of their kids playing the device all the time and they might also be using it browse something that is not safe online. Samsung Galaxy’s Samsung Kids; a secure digital environment for younger, impressionable minds to safely interact with apps and enrich their learning experiences via the tablet enables parents to shape a safe environment for your children to explore. Simply tap on Samsung Kids in the Quick panel and enjoy native apps with characters that live inside virtual world. Its Parental Control also lets you monitor usage and play time so you can hand over the tablet with peace of mind.

The Security

Of course devices security are very important to us as a user as we do not want any hackers to steal our valuables information such as username and password, our e-banking details and many more. The Galaxy Tav A7 Lite also has built-in security by Samsung’s very own security system; Samsung Knoxx. The multi-level security that is provided by this system ensures that our data will never be leaked out to a third party without our permission so that you could use the device with a piece of mind.

The Battery and Its Life

Its 5,100mAh battery could last us more than a day because of the light processor. This means around seven hours of screen time, most of which for us was spent consuming content on YouTube particularly.

Who Should Buy?

The target group which will enjoy the tablet involve kids who don’t need to go beyond videoconferencing classes, consuming YouTube content and accessing the e-mail. Another good use case is reading books. A good Kindle doesn’t come cheap. Instead, get the A7 Lite, download the Kindle app and enjoy all the e-books you buy from Amazon. The TFT screen, in fact, has the right luminance for reading books. The size is just right for your thumbs to reach the middle of the screen which is good on games too.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is very much worth its salt as it is quite efficient and versatile to meet the digital needs expected of a tablet.

Whether you’re looking for a device that you can capture events with, a tablet you can use to stream or even a digital companion for your wards, The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is agile enough to meet whatever demands you throw at it.

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