Shop in The New Harrods London [Travel Vlog 63] 在伦敦新哈罗德百货商店购物

After having our lunch at Phoenix Palace, we have decided to go over to Primark and Harrods to shop around. Upon arriving in Primark, we realized that there were many people shopping inside and there were a long que , queuing to pay at the cashier. Since we will be staying there for another few days, we have decided to drop Primark out of our daily shopping list and proceed to Harrods.

What makes us wanted to go over to Harrods again was because we heard that some parts of the Harrods has been renovated and we would like to see what difference it has from the last time that we had visited it. It was a long walk from Primark to the Harrods but it was a worth while long walk. The new Harrods gave us a more different modern feel that it is before this.

The previous Harrods gave us an Egyptian feel where it was renovated with the Egyptian concept in it. It also makes us feels like in a maze by itself due to its architecture design. After so many times I has visited the Harrods, I could still lost in this shopping mall.

The whole video do not have much talking , instead it shows more on my journey to the Harrods and some snapshot walk through videos on how the new Harrods looks like at the point that we visited it.

I do hope that you find this sharing video could give you an idea how the new Harrods looks like. If you like my sharing, please support me by liking my video and subscribe to my youtube channel. Truly appreciate your time and support.

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