Bikes Accessories to Have In Malaysia [Live Vlog 31] 自行车配件必须在马来西亚拥有

Even Malaysia have just one season or we called it hot weather, we do need to embrace windy places and rainy weather in the country too. The weather sometimes comes unpredictable in Malaysia especially rain. As a biker, we need to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances while cycling on the road.

As a biker myself, I have prepared some ideas what accessories we do need to have while cycling here. I have divided it into hot weather, windy places and also rainy season to share what we need to have for each and every weather. I have started with the common weather; hot weather, windy places and finally rainy season.

The accessories are easy to find the market and some you might already have in your home. These items were made specifically for the function that I have shared in this video. If you are planning to cycle to a quite far places, I would suggest you to prepare all these items to be places in your cycling bag to bring along for your trip. As locals always says; Prevention is Better than Cure. It’s better for us to be equip with these items just in case we are experiencing a change in the weather. This would make your cycling a more favorable one.

I do hope that you find this sharing video useful for you when considering buying a chain lock for you bike. If you like my sharing, please support me by liking my video and subscribe to my channel on the subscribe link above. Truly appreciates your time and support.

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