My First Visit to Don Don Donki [Life Vlog 30] 我第一次拜访Don Don Donki

There were a buzz in the community for the past few months on a newly opened outlet in Lot 10; Don Don Donki. As it has been reported to have long que almost everyday. Since its a weekday night, I was trying my luck hopping that that there will be lesser que into the shop.

Surprisingly, there were not much people queing up at the front of Don Don Donki main entrance at the level 2. Hence we have entered into the shop happily without any que. So If you would like to pay a visit to this Don Don Donki, you may consider going there suring weekdays night time. It will save you lots of time queing to get into the shop and later being cramp togather with people in the outlet.

While I was visiting Don Don Donki, I was thinking might as well i recorded down what Don Don Donki has to offer to us in Malaysia. Basically, the offers varieties of Japanese products in the shop. It makes me feels that Don Don Donki is a Japanese Hypermarket in Malaysia.

Don Don Donki offers products ranging from home items, personal items, foods such as vegetables, frozen foods, fresh seafoods, sushi, sashimi, hot foods, instant noodles, snacks, desserts and many more. There were many Japanese brands products that we have not seen it in Malaysia before too.

Eventhough there were no que outside of the entrance, there were still a good amount of people inside the shop selecting and buying their products. I believe its because Japanese products has been well know for its quality and creativities that they have put in

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