Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review [Review Vlog 38] 三星Galaxy SmartTag评测

Have you every lost any of your valuables items before? I was a very forgetful person and I have always been losing my stuff all the time. One of the most valuable item that I have lost was a set of keys with the one any only left over giftd by my grandparents we lost togather with it. I had always been thinking about my past mistake and blaming myself for it.

It was all my fault as I has always never build a habit to place back the item at the place it meant to. Even till now I had never successfully build suce habits and tend to still losing my stuff along the way. During Samsung Unpacked 2021, besides the flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has caught my eyes, the new Galaxy SmartTag has also steal my attention during the launched. Before I was being exposed to the Galaxy SmartTag, I have tried out one of the thrid party’s Bluetooth location tracker before but it was not up to my expectation. I have placed it aside and you know what? I have lost it too!!

A few days ago, I had a chance to get one of the Galaxy SmartTag to test it out and I have found out that the Galaxy SmartTag were more than a location tracker. This was one of the thing that has impressed me when I was trying it out. The Galaxy SmartTag could also act at the location tracked for any phone that has synced with it.

The Galaxy SmartTag button could also be pre programmed to control the IoT (Internet of Thing) or home automation devices which is synced with the SmartThings apps. I believe Samsung was preparing all of its connected devices to be able to control each other when they are synced with its very own SmartThings apps.

The Galaxy SmartTag do not need to be charged frequently as its CR2032 coin cell battery (which could be easily found in our local store) could last for months. In the event that we do need to change the battery, it only takes a minute of your time

Due to these reasons, I have recorded down a quick review on the Galaxy SmartTag in my Youtube video for your viewing pleasure.

According to Samsung Malaysia’s online store, the Galaxy Smart Tag will be available in Malaysia starting from last 29th January for RM119. It’s currently priced at RM79 when you pre-order it on the online store. In addition, the Galaxy Smart Tag is bundled for free when you pre-order the Galaxy S21 series too. If you would like to check out the Samsung Galaxy’s SmartTag, visit

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