BMW 2021 New Car Series and Superbikes [Life Vlog 27] 宝马2021新车系列和超级摩托车

Recently, I have been invited to check out BMW’s 2021 new series for automobile that they will be launching this month. The event was being held in Kuala Lumpur’s City Center” The TRX Exchange 106.

This was the first time I have put my footstep into the TRX’s Exchange 106. It was indeed a very big building with shops, offices and event hall.

I have attended their media launching at the main floor of the Exchange 106. It was just a small event space that could fit all 4 new car series and 2 new superbikes model in it.

As we are still in the MCO 2.0, the event was limits to 15 media per session where it was a much more better arrangements compare to the event before this 2 years ago. All of the medias have space and time for themselves to check out the news series and take photos without crowds at the background.

I’m not an expert in cars but I do really love beautiful cars. In my video, I did not share the technical spec about the cars but instead I have shared more about what I think about their new cars interiors and exteriors.

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