What Makes Malaysia Beautiful

Today I went to a Hypermarket near my house tonstock up some groceries. While I was queuing up to get my vegetable weighted, I saw there was a Kakak and an auntie standing at the corner selecting something.

Looking closer, I realized that they are selecting some thing that looks familiar to me. The thing is called CN Arrow Head. I remembered my mum told me this Arrow Head is a seasonal item and will only be available during Chinese New Year.

We used Arrow Head to make Chinese crackers or what we called keropok. But it is not commonly used among the Malay community. Hence I was curious why this Kakak wanted to buy the Arrow Head.

I tried to pay attention to what both of their conversation and realized that this Kakak knows that it can be used to make crackers. She is also asking some advise from the auntie on how to make the crackers better. The auntie happily and patiently explain each and every steps on how to make the cracker starting from cutting the Arrow Head up to frying it.

Both of them were strangers but they are willing to share their own recipes in a public place.

The selfless and willing to share and help is something that as a Malaysian we should be proud of. This is also how our Malaysian fusion foods were created too.

In Malaysia, try not to be shy to ask for direction or help. Most Malaysian are good people and they will definitely be willing to help as much as they can. Even if you ask for opinion on how you look on the dress you try, they will definitely be giving you a polite and honest opinion of theirs.

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