Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review [Review Vlog 27] 三星Galaxy S20 FE评测

After attending the last launch on Samsung Galaxy S20, I wanted to try out and experience myself how the Galaxy S20 feels like. Last few weeks ago, I manage to loan an review unit to test the phone out myself. Since the Galaxy S20 FE has just launched the FE version. Hence I have taken the Galaxy S20 FE model instead of the first model. One of the reason of me taking the Galaxy S20 FE model was because of its price.

I realised that this model offers the lowest price among all the S20 series model. This is also one of the good opportunity for me to share wuth all of you; my beloved viewers on another cheaper and affordable alternative that we could buy without compromising on the functions that we have in the high end S20 series.

In this video, I have shared my first impression on this phone, why it is cheaper, it’s performance and also some feature highlights that I think it would be useful for all of us.

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