Getting a New Hairstyle at the Best Spoken Hair Salon In Town [Life Vlog 19] 在市中心最佳口碑的造型理发院里换新造型

It has been an emotional roller coaster since after the lockdown. While I were searching for some relieve activities, I realised that I have not been making over my hair for quite a long time. I had always enjoyed getting my hair make over and I love to see my transformation from a normal me to a better me. It makes me happier. Since I found that the most spoken hair salon in town has opened up it’s new outlet in Bukit Jalil, I have decided to go over to the outlet to do a make over on my hair.

With the permission from the hair salon, I have recorded down my process in getting my hair a make over in this salon. What I would say was, I were very happy with my hair make over. It has really met my requirement; short and easy to manage but still maintaining a great hairstyle. The hairstylist in the salon were very patient with me and gave me many alternative suggestion to make my hairstyle the best for me. If you would like to try out a hair make over in this salon, check out their nearest outlet in your area at

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