La Rossettisserie The Highly Recommended Place in Nice France [Food Vlog 18] 尼斯法国强烈推荐的地方

After a long day in Monaco. We have decided to separt back to Nice to try out one more of the highly recommended restaurants in Nice for dinner before ending our day. La Rossettisserie is a mid priced family restaurant and rotisserie in Nice, 8 Rue Mascoïnat 06300 Nice serving the locals with its delicious home recipe foods. The restaurant was famous for its ratatoulie meals.

Make your choice from beef, chicken, veal or lamb, and pair it with a choice of mashed or sautéed potatoes, ratatouille or salad. Simple and sumptuous, with cosy, rustic decor and a delightful vaulted cellar. This is a short video sharing on how the restaurants looks like and how the foods was. Eventhough the service is a bit slow, but overall it was a great dining experience especially with great foods!

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