Eze Village A City with Unique Architecture [Travel Vlog 51] 埃兹村一个拥有独特建筑的城市

While on the way to our next destination Monaco, we have decided to stop by at one of the highlight location in Nice; Lignes D’Azur or they called it Eze Village. Èze has been described as an “eagle’s nest” because of its location overlooking a high cliff 427 metres (1,401 ft) above sea level on the French Mediterranean. It is so high that the light ochre church within (Notre Dame de l’Assomption built in 1764) can be seen from afar.

Traditionally, the territory of the Principality of Monaco was considered to begin in the Èze village (outskirts of Nice), running along the Mediterranean coast to Menton, on the present Italian border. This would be an interesting place to visit while we are there. Hence we have drop by to this village to check out its 360 degree stunning view from its top of the mountain.

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