Day Trip to Cannes The City of Stars Part 1 [Travel Vlog 47] 戛纳星空一日游第一部分

We have decided to stay in Nice and make a day trip to Cannes: The City of Stars where it was only 45 mins away from Nice by train as the accommodation in Nice are much more affordable and it also enables us not to move accommodation on the daily basis. Without knowing much about Cannes, we have just walk around the town to get a glimpse on how Cannes looks like and what it have to offer to make it recognised as The City of Stars. The day trip have to be divided into 2 part as it was too long for a single video.

This video is the first part where we have visited the Information Office of The Tourism of Cannes to get more information on what we could see around the city. We then went to check out their luxurious port where all the locals and artist parked their boat and finally we climb up to the highest observation deck in that city to have a good view on the whole city too. We always have watched a western funeral being done in the movies but this time, we really have a chance to witness a funeral that was been held on top to the mountain’s church.

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