Jogja Day 4 | Risking Lives at The Most Active Volcano in The World [Travel Vlog 37] 在世界上最活跃的火山中冒险

This is the second last day that we will be in Yogyakarta. The highlight of the day was the visit to the most active volcano in the world called Gunung Merapi. Gunung Merapi is still an active volcano that could erupt at anytime. We had risk our lives to go over to the leg of the Gunung Merapi to witness the village leftover after the 2010 volcano eruption.

We has learned many things and seeing the real eruption leftovers with our own eyes. We were then made a short few hours shopping trip to Malioboro Street before departing for our last night dinner in Yogyakarta. If you are looking for cheap flight or best rated accommodation, check out

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